The Full Force is part of the BE AWARE – TAKE CARE initiative!
A movement for an attentive cooperation, for all, without exception!
Together we can set an example: Do something easy, do something good!

Last year we took the first big steps to make our festival more sustainable but also to make your visit more responsible and conscious. But that’s not the end of the story, because this year we have started to make the experience even more intense and beautiful for you.

As driving themes of our time and daily perception, we would like to do our part as a full force to ensure that social principles are not thrown overboard even during a festival and to make your time with us as lasting and sustainable as possible.

In short: We would like to create a festival with you in which we can all celebrate away from discriminatory behaviour as if there were no tomorrow – without losing sight of the consideration for each other.

Not only will [FAIR]OPOLIS be back at the start, but we have also dedicated ourselves to the topic of garbage and garbage disposal to make it even more attractive for you. But also our Green Camp will be increased and our Pink-Jackets will be back at the start to pave the way to Panama.

So please feel free to click through our sub-sections and see for yourself what you can expect this year. But what is already clear now – you with us, we with you – #fairoforfuture !