23. March 2020

COVID-19 Information

Dear Full Force Fans,

the world seems to stand straight, every day important news about the pandemic reaches you and us – and necessary instructions for action, which strongly influence and change our living together. But we are sure: All this should not keep us from our positive thoughts and optimistic way of life. On the contrary, these extraordinary circumstances could perhaps mark exactly the right time to reflect on the essentials. To pause. To reflect. To breathe. And above all, to create space for new impulses!

While the news about COVID-19 – besides many other news from around the world – is currently casting the biggest shadow over our society, we are experiencing a huge global wave of solidarity & growing cohesion – despite social distance and worries about the future. For although it is now most important to stay as far away as possible from other people away from the family in order not to endanger anyone and to slow down the spread of the virus: No one is alone! We are all connected. We are not only connected by music, we are also connected by a deep trust in the good.

All die großartigen Erinnerungen, die wir aus den vergangenen Sommern und Konzerten miteinander teilen. Die unbändige Lust auf Live-Acts und das nächste Festival-Wochenende. Es wird kommen – und es wird noch besser werden! „I tell you to enjoy life“, has already sung Ozzy Osbourne in the song “Paranoid”!

So use and donate the time of your family and gladly also to others in need: Find out where and to what extent you can do good for others, but also for yourself!

In the near future we will feed our channels even more actively to share even more content with you! We will provide you with the absolute highlights of the last year of the Full Force Festival, we have interviews for you, concert recordings, pictures and much more!

So #staytrue – #stayfullforce

We want to create our channels together with you. So please let us know what you want and interact with us!

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Let’s make the best of this time together – for us and our even better future!

Yours truly,
The Full Force Crew