10. March 2020

Can it be something more?

Dear Full Force folks,

It’s been a while since we last checked in with you – reason enough to finally get back in touch. Of course, never contact you unless we really have something to say, which is why we’ll just go ahead and come out with it: please join us in welcoming a slate of new confirmed acts for Full Force 2020!


CULT OF LUNA brings their trademark dark, atmospheric doom riffs to the line-up, striking quite the contrast with the nagging, aggressive sound of RAISED FIST, a guaranteed ticket to your outermost limits.

They are joined by other new line-up additions including deathcore brutes FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, a band whose hard verses and hymnic choruses have a captivating power all their own. We also want to acknowledge some new Full Force debuts as LINGUA IGNOTA, SYLOSIS and UNPROCESSED have all signed on to our massive artwork: three bands that have never played at Full Force before!

Things are progressing nicely as you can see, with the Full Force line-up showing more and more potential as a genre potpourri of harder-than-hard sound.

Tickets are currently available for Full Force, from 26-28 June, 2020, at the regular price level for € 124.95 EUR. All further information about the festival and the tickets are available at www.full-force.de.

All new confirmed acts of Full Force 2020 in alphabetical order:

Cult Of Luna, Fit For An Autopsy, Lingua Ignota, Raised Fist, Sylosis, Unprocessed

Full Force 2020
June 26-28, 2020, Ferropolis

Stay Full Force! 🤘