Festival FAQ

Last Update, 29 June 2020 

Dear Full Force fans, 

it was with a heavy heart we had to inform you that Full Force 2020 can’t go ahead as planned due to Covid-19 and following the decision to ban major events until the end of August. As we‘ve never been in such a situation before, there are several questions to which we currently do not know the answers. But in the following, we would like to answer your most frequently asked questions about Full Force 2020.

We’re working closely with our ticketing partner TixforGigs to provide full information which will get updated here regularly. For now, we would like to send a huge shoutout to everyone for being so understanding, for your kind words and your support and we literally can‘t wait to see you all at Full Force 2021 for our 3 day celebration of summer!

Please note that due to a technical change, the tickets from 2020 are no longer visible in your Full Force account, but only the tickets for 2021.
In your TixForGigs account, all tickets are still visible. If you don’t have a TixForGigs account yet, please create one to see all your tickets.


What does the ban on major events until August mean for Full Force Festival? 

The decision of the federal government means that Full Force 2020 festival can‘t go ahead as planned this summer. We have been closely monitoring this unprecedented situation, kept our fingers crossed and hoped for good news to the end but it has become clear that it‘s just not possible for us to go ahead. For now, we all have to rethink and replan our summer to light it up with positive experiences.

In spite of the setback, we will be back stronger and we‘re already working closely with artists, employees, service providers and organisations to provide the best Full Force experience ever in 2021. We hope to see you all then. 

Why can‘t Full Force go ahead at a later date? 

The current situation and its effects simply do not offer a secure basis for postponing Full Force Festival into late summer, even beyond the end of August.

Besides the health risk, there are other important factors as well: A festival requires many helping hands, including paramedics, firefighters, police and many other forces that are currently needed in order to combat the crisis. On top, many of our international artists would probably have to cancel their shows due to quarantine regulations and restricted freedom of travel.

What are the consequences for the festival? 

There are big consequences in not carrying through our concerts, tours and festivals as planned. Not just for us but also for the hundreds of artists and their agencies, our employees, service providers and organisations. With postponing Full Force into next summer, we hope for early planning security. If you keep your tickets for this year’s Full Force in order to use them for Full Force 2021, you will support us enormously and make an important contribution to all our festival projects next year!


What about my tickets? 

We‘re already working closely to make Full Force 2021 the best Full Force ever – stay tuned! That‘s why all tickets purchased for Full Force 2020 can be transferred to Full Force 2021!

We would be truly honored if you would transfer to next year to go crazy with us. Transferring your ticket not only secures you a massive high-five from us but also helps us immensely and gives us and our artists the best planning security we could wish for in this situation.

Alternatively, we offer a voucher to everybody, who purchased tickets to Full Force Festival 2020 who can‘t make it to Full Force Festival 2021. This possibility has been adopted as an immediate aid by the German Government to support all promoters whose events cannot take place this year due to Covid-19 – you can find out exactly what this means in “What is a voucher and how does it work?”.

How does the ticket transfer work? 

Fancy turning Ferropolis into a see of moshpits next year? We, too! Therefore you can easily transfer your ticket directly via TixforGigs from now on.

To do so, all ticket buyers have received a mail from TixforGigs. If you have received your tickets from friends via the forward function, please create a TixforGigs account here and use the e-mail address which the ticket was forwarded to; simply head over to www.tixforgigs.com and click on the menu icon in the upper right corner and then on “register”.

The next steps are then identical: Simply log in to TixforGigs and select the option in your account to transfer the ticket to the next year. Once you have decided on an option, this cannot be undone.

Why do I no longer see my tickets at my festival account? 

If you have already transferred your tickets to next year, they will appear in your personal festival account from now on. At the same time, tickets and add-ons that have not yet been transferred are only visible in your TixforGigs account and no longer in your festival account, so that you can select the ticket transfer or the voucher there.

What is a voucher and how does it work?

As alternative to carrying over your ticket to the following year, we can provide you with a voucher for the face value of your ticket as a replacement for tickets to events that cannot take place due to Covid-19. This voucher can be used for all subsequent events of Goodlive Festival AG (Full Force Festival, splash! Festival and Melt Festival).

This voucher can be used for all subsequent events of the Goodlive Festival AG (Full Force Festival, splash! Festival and Melt Festival) and can be claimed via your TixforGigs account as of now.

This regulation is an essential factor for us and the whole cultural industry including organizers, artists, employees and organizations for the planning of the coming months and keeps all participants able to work. This enables us to go ahead with the planning for the coming year and to maintain contracts with participating agencies, service providers and artists – and last but not least to ensure your refund despite the crisis as well.

We are aware that this voucher scheme will have advantages and disadvantages for you, but we hope for your understanding. In this way, you will not only help us enormously but also all participating artists and agencies, employees and service providers – and thus the entire cultural industry.

Head over here where we provide a translation of the announcement made by the German Government.

Can I get the value of the voucher paid out?

The voucher can be used for all subsequent events of Goodlive Festival AG (Full Force Festival, splash! Festival and Melt Festival). If the voucher is not redeemed by December 31, 2021, payment can be requested from January 1, 2022 on. An early payout of the voucher is only possible in case of hardship, should the acceptance of a voucher be unreasonable due to your personal living conditions. Contact address in case of hardship: info@full-force.de

Can I just sell my ticket?

If you carry your ticket over to the coming year, you will, of course, have the opportunity to sell and pass on your ticket. For this purpose, we will soon provide you with our official resale platform, where you can safely sell or buy your tickets.

What about add-ons I already bought? 

Add-ons such as Car- or Caravan-Camping as well as Asgard tents and lodges can also be carried over to the coming year or a voucher can be applied for. Please contact us via info@full-force.de  for questions and the possibility of a refund.

What about my balance and vouchers? 

Already topped-up Cashless balance, as well as already purchased vouchers, will be automatically refunded to you.

What about tickets bought via the official resale 

Please get in touch with our team via info@full-force.de if you have purchased a ticket via the official resale – make sure to use the subject “Resale”. If you got your ticket via the official resale of TixforGigs, you will receive a mail from TixforGigs regarding all information soon.

I have already incurred travel/accommodation costs – what can I do?   

Unfortunatelywe cannot take care of services booked with third parties, such as travel and accommodation costs. This also applies to official partners such as Mein-Zelt-Steht-Schon or Utopia-Camping. However, we recommend that you contact the respective provider directly to find out about reimbursement possibilities.

You can reach our official partners as follows: