Green CampAlle Themen

The topic of environmental protection is close to our hearts and we would be happy if you feel the same way. That’s why this year we are offering you the opportunity to camp more sustainably and produce less waste. 

The Green Camp is a separate area, which should promote environmental awareness on the campsite, but also be fun. Therefore we offer you some benefits and activities: Reception from 10am to 8pm and our Green Team staff, composting toilets, seating, waste separation and recycling, handcart for rent, Green Team Come Together, picnic with food sharing, talks and workshops.

The environmentally friendly chill-out area is located in a separate area on the “Deep Velvet Camp”, very close to [FAIR]OPOLIS. 

For the first time this year we also have NGOs on our Green Camp and additionally you have the chance to book your tent and equipment at the Green Camp. Utopia Camping offers you the sustainable alternative with reused tents here! 


Here you can register for Green Camp:  

Please remember that the space is limited on site.
If you really can’t do without travelling by car, please buy a Car Camping ticket. With this you will get access to the Green Camp parking lot, which will be located very close to the Green Camp!

Laws Of The Green

1 | Together 

You respect not only your tent neighbours, but also your environment. The Green Camp is a place for you to share, exchange and get to know each other 

2 | Minimalism

You pack sustainable and bring only the most necessary things to the festival. Reuse is a matter close to your heart. 

3 | Waste Separation 

You separate your waste and dispose of it in the designated waste containers for cardboard, plastic, metal, residual waste and organic waste. 

4 | Carriage 

After the festival you take everything you brought home with you. 

Anreise beim Green Camp

We would like to make car-free camping possible for our visitors at the Green Camp and therefore appreciate it very much if you arrive by train or other alternative means.