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Did you know that a festival has the carbon footprint of a small town?

With the Green Pass, for the first time you have the opportunity to make your Full Force visit carbon neutral. With the purchase of the Green Pass you compensate for your CO2 emissions, which are caused, among other things, by your journey to the festival.  

Why this is important for us!

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a natural component of the air. Although it makes up only a small part of the air, it plays a decisive role in our climate: CO2 absorbs part of the heat emitted from the earth into space and radiates it back to us. This creates the climate we know of, in which flora and fauna can thrive. When the CO2 in the atmosphere rises, so does the earth’s temperature, and this has a major impact on people, animals and plants. CO2 is produced by travelling by plane or car, by the energy consumed blow-drying hair or switching on a light bulb, by growing or transporting food.  

This means that each of us, whether individually or as a festival, can also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. More climate-friendly alternatives should become an integral part of our next Full Force.  

And we want to start with the Green Pass!

We invest this voluntary environmental contribution in cooperation with carbon-connect AG in forest protection projects in Central and South America, which compensate an equivalent amount of CO2 emissions. Among other things, we support the forest protection project MDLT Portel-Pará REDD, which protects forests in the Amazon region from deforestation. Over a period of 40 years, this will prevent more than 22 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.  

And the best thing is that carbon-connect AG supports every Green Pass with another 10% to make your visit to the festival even more climate-friendly.  

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