Protection of MinorsAlle Themen

The provisions of the law on protection of minors in public apply on the festival grounds.

Children age 7 and under are not allowed on the festival grounds.

Children and young people age 7 to 15 years only have access to the open air event when accompanied by an authorised parent and/or guardian. A guardian is anyone over age 18 who assumes responsibility for the child on a permanent or temporary basis with the permission of the person who has rightful care and custody of the minor, or as long as the child or young person is being accompanied within the framework of education or youth welfare services (§ 1 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 JuSchG).

Adolescents age 16 and older may access the open air event without an authorised parent or guardian until midnight.

These rules apply throughout the festival area and the campsite.

Custodial persons must carry written proof of parent or guardian permission and be able to show a copy of the rightful parent/guardian’s identity card upon request. A permission form can be downloaded here as a PDF.