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How do I purchase a ticket to Full Force Festival?

Tickets are only available here. Tixforgigs is one of Full Force Festival’s official partners!

You will get your print@home ticket sent to you via email.

What kind of tickets are there?

Via Tixforgigs you can choose between

VIP Weekend Tickets
VIP Upgrades
Weekend Tickets
Car Camping
Green Pass
Asgard Tents
Asgard Lodges


VIP Tickets & VIP Upgrades*:

The following services are included in the VIP tickets: Camping & parking at the VIP camping site; Access to water toilets & showers at the VIP camping site; access to the VIP shuttle and the exclusive VIP stops, VIP Fastlane access to the festival area, access to the VIP area at the festival area; 25€ Merchvoucher included!

*VIP Upgrades are only valid in combination with a Weekend Ticket!
Car Camping:
The ticket must be exchanged for a vignette when entering the premises! Further information about the Car Camping can be found here: Camping & Parking
Festival Shuttle:
A ticket for the festival shuttle can be purchased on site. Further information can be found here: Festival Shuttle
Green Pass:
More information about the Green Pass can be found here: Green Pass
Asgard Tents:
Valid only in combination with a festival ticket. More information can be found here. Full Force Valley
Asgard Lodge:
Valid only in combination with a festival ticket. More information can be found here. Full Force Valley


Purchasing tickets via third parties/black market sellers

Please, refrain from buying tickets via other resale platforms. Only tickets purchased via Tixforgigs are valid.

Can I refund my ticket?

Tickets are generally exempt from a refund.

Can I share a ticket with friends? E.g. one is attending the festival on Saturday, the other on Sunday?

No, this is not allowed. Every ticket is valid for one person only and cannot be shared with others.

Who are official ticket sellers?


Ticket Personalization

Ticket Activation

Why does my admission ticket have to be personalized?
The personalization of your admission ticket is primarily for your personal protection.
This prevents ticket fraud on the black market and gives you the opportunity to resell your ticket securely via our verified resale platform in the event of a sale.
Please never sell tickets on Viagogo, Ebay or similar platforms!

Also a passing on to friends is to be accomplished fast over your personal account!

By linking a person to an admission ticket, we ensure that only the rightful owner has access to the event.

Which tickets need to be activated?

After you have activated your admission ticket, you can also activate additional tickets.

How do I activate my ticket?

By mail: After ordering, you will receive an e-mail request to activate your admission ticket. Click on the link and follow the instructions.
You will then always have access to your account and can activate your ticket, download it and manage other tickets at any time.

Manual: If you haven’t received any mail, you can simply activate your ticket via this link. Make sure that you have your purchase confirmation from Tix4Gigs at hand so that the correct ticket number can be entered.

What does the ticket overview show?

In the ticket overview you can see which tickets have not yet been assigned to a person, if you have ordered several tickets.
You can also see whether your admission ticket has already been successfully activated. The note appears at the top of the overview in green above your ticket and can be printed out at any time using the “DOWNLOAD” button.

If your name is on the ticket, you can check in without any problems if a valid photo ID can also be shown at the entrance.

You will find it in the ticket overview:

1.) Admission ticket (weekend ticket or day ticket)

2.) Additional tickets such as parking ticket, Green Pass, etc.

3.) Non-activated tickets that have to be passed on to your companions.

Only one admission ticket (weekend or day ticket) can be activated per account!

For non-activated admission tickets, you have the option to forward them to someone else or sell them.

Can I still access the site without activation?

No, the admission ticket must be activated in your name. This can easily be done in your account as described in “How do I activate my ticket?

The name on the ticket does not match my name. Can I still participate in the festival?

Your name must appear correctly on the ticket. In the ticket administration you have the possibility to correct your name via the menu on the top right under “Settings”. If you want to pass the ticket on to someone else, you can do this via the “Pass on” button in the ticket overview.


I have several tickets in my account

If you have bought several tickets for several people, they are all in your account. Please note: in order for every visitor to gain access to the site, each ticket must be given to the individual person with their name and valid e-mail address.

How can I pass on the tickets?

Tickets are passed on via your account:

1.) The “TICKETS” tab takes you to the overview of all tickets. Your successfully activated ticket is displayed at the top and has a “DOWNLOAD” button.

2.) If your ticket is to be passed on to someone else, the assignment must first be solved. This is done via “Resolve assignment”.

3.) Then you get the option to click on “ADVANCED” again to enter the new data of the recipient. Important: If you enter your own e-mail, the transfer will not work. Please enter the email address of the person who should receive the ticket! He will then receive an invitation to accept the ticket!

If it is a ticket that has not yet been activated, you can go straight to “FURTHER RESERVED” and enter the data of the new visitor!

4.) Once this is done, please click on the button “CONTINUE” again.

5.) Forwarded tickets now appear under the “TICKETWEITERGABEN” tab.

The person will now receive an invitation to accept the ticket by e-mail and can activate the ticket in the new account.

Can I cancel the transfer?

As long as the person who should receive the ticket has not yet accepted it, the transfer can be cancelled. You simply do this in the ticket administration under “TICKETWEITERGABEN”.

How do I know that the transfer worked?

If the ticket has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail. Under the tab “TICKETWEITERGABEN” you can see the status of the transfer.

How does the recipient get the ticket?

After the new owner has accepted and activated the ticket, he can also download and print it in his account. All previous links lose their validity and only the ticket in the recipient’s account is the current and valid ticket.

After the transfer, the ticket is no longer in my account. Why?

This is because the ticket is now in the account of the person to whom you passed the ticket. You can view the current status in the “TICKETWEITERGABEN” tab.


Where can I sell tickets?

Tickets can only be sold via your own festival account or the resale platform of Tix4Gigs.

If you want to sell your ticket: we offer you an understandable tool in your festival account for secure ticket sales.

Buy tickets at resale pool!

Simply log in and, if activated, assign the ticket.
Then you can offer your ticket on the resale platform via “SELL” by setting a price.

There is also the possibility to generate a resale link for your ticket in the ticket administration.
This can then be shared on social media and other platforms or directly with a potential buyer. After the successful sale of the ticket, the original ticket will be invalidated and the buyer will receive a new ticket to download into his account.

After the ticket is offered for sale, the ticket is no longer visible in my account. Why?

This is because the ticket is now offered in resale.
In the “RESALE” tab you can view the current status or cancel the sale.


If you want to buy a ticket: Please click only on official links. Don’t do business with private messages without the official link! Every year a lot of people contact us who have not bought tickets in a safe way. Unfortunately we can’t help anymore!