Amon Amarth

Melodic death metal – Our third headliner for Full Force 2021 hails from way up in the north. The Swedes first set Full Force festivalgoers on fire in 2003, which would make 2021 their sixth festival appearance – and that’s saying something. The Norsemen’s current tour is the biggest so far, boasts the most extensive pyroshow to date, and more stage material than ever before in their band history. So why are we telling you all this?

Because next year promises a gigantic festival production that is second to none with epic moments en masse.
Expect enough flames and explosions to think yourself personally plunged in Hel, not to mention the formidable sound of the Vikings, who will be hammering the Nordic mythology so hard that you can’t help but fall to your knees and start rowing!

Their latest LP “Berserker” shows the band from Sweden really does belong in the pantheon of great metal world heroes. Rife with melodic riffs and rousing anthems, Amon Amarth’s songs eat their way through your ear like a lindworm through the forests of Scandinavia. So grab the mead (beer or strawberry punch will do), raise ‘em high and join us in toasting the wildest bunch out of Scandinavia—to Johan Hegg and his berserkers, to AMON AMARTH!