Grind’n‘Roll – Standards aside, with Gutalax, you get grindcore’s finest. The band seems to have sprung from the depth of a dark Portaloo empire to sweeten our day with plenty of vulgar humour. Just like their debut album “Shit Beast”, their sophomore record, “Shit Happens”, leaves no doubt about where their focus lies. Their song titles alone are a shit-laden journey into the bowels of humankind. In that sense, song titles like “Robocock” and “Shitty Titty” almost seem poetic in comparison. All this is accompanied by classic grindcore rhythms and diarrhoea squeals. No need for experiments, the good stuff is right in front of their doorsteps. Shit sells. That’s why the Czech boys are more than welcome in Ferropolis. So, switch off your brains and enjoy.


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