Hardcore-Metal –  “K-vell-er-tack” play what they call rock music, which is putting it incredibly mildly. Kvelertak come in like a blinding lightning bolt, lock you in their stranglehold and down rains the bulwark with a thundering sound that holds nothing back. Founded in Stavanger, Norway in 2007, the band is one of the most successful Scandinavian exports of the last few years and knows exactly what it means to be in your face. Singer Ivar Nikolaisen has been filling big shoes since he took over for Erlend Hjkelvik in 2018, but anyone who has seen the band knows he’s fully up to the task and that we can expect a brilliant show! Finally we can growl in Norwegian as though it were our native language – this will be a party, and we’re guessing we’ll have some new songs to look forward to as well.