Lamb Of God

Thrash Metal/ Metalcore – Lamb Of God from Richmond, Virginia are older than you might think. Originally, the band was founded as a five-piece under the guise of “Burn The Priest” in 1994. However, only since they changed their name to Lamb Of God in 2000, the band has garnered great success in the United States. Back then, the band was branded as “grindcore and death metal for hardcore kids”. Defining them genre-wise has gotten a little more complicated since. Is it groove metal? Death? Thrash? Modern metal? Or maybe metalcore? It doesn’t matter. They’ve already taken their place amongst the US metal greats, even though, singer Randy Blythe in particular still likes to think of his band as being punk. Lamb Of God will play their only festival show in 2019 at Full Force. So, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to listen to the band’s brand-new songs live for the first time!


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