Parkway Drive

Metalcore – There’s method to our madness: for the second year in a row, we have Parkway Drive taking the Full Force headline slot! Not just because we have continuously supported the band which has by now skyrocketed, or because Parkway Dive won’t be playing but a handful of shows next year to focus on a new album Down Under; not because they probably won’t be available next festival season, but because the band and you, the crowd, impressed us so much at Full Force 2018 when the band conquered the stage on Sunday and you celebrated them like the ultimate headliner. The atmosphere and the still current Parkway Drive album “Reverence” were so amazing that everyone who didn’t make it to Full Force was incredibly disappointed. And those who did talk about it to this day with shining eyes. No can do? Not with us. On that note, why follow conventions? Parkway Drive perform once more, period.. And we’ll party harder than ever before!


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