Stick To Your Guns

Hardcore – We are just thrilled to be able to expand the 2022 lineup with the hardcore legends of Stick To Your Guns. Powerful shouts, distinctive riffs and hymnic choruses. We all expected the moment when the guys from Orange County would finally be back on stage. And in 2021 it’s time again. As co-headliners, Stick To Your Guns will heat up the heat and bring Ferropolis to boiling point!
The band was formed around singer Jesse Barnett in 2003 – at that time, he says, it was never his intention to be the singer of the band. Quite soon the label Sumerian Records became aware of the band, which enabled them to play as support band for Ignite and got their first record deal in 2006.
Now there was no stopping and the band’s popularity went straight through the roof. With currently six albums, the band has earned a solid and unwavering reputation in the scene, which during their live shows always culminates in overflowing and especially emotional fan moments. Be it hard moshpits or poignant sing-along parts. Stick To Your Guns have their audience firmly under control and deliver!
The latest album “True View” was released in 2017 and should be your perfect companion through the winter, so that the anticipation of the band’s show can continue to grow immensely!