The Ghost Inside

Only Mainland-Europe Show in 2020!

Hardcore – Founded in Los Angeles in 2004 as “A Fallen Dream”, The Ghost Inside quickly came to play in the hardest mosh pits in the hardcore community and continues to deliver them with the song “Unspoken” from the 2010 album “Returners”, the ultimate party hit. Since then, The Ghost Inside is on everyone’s lips and a guarantee for sold-out shows and sprawling festivals.

As if we had just climbed out of the pit, we remember bright-eyed their last Hardbowl show at Full Force 2013.

The band’s latest album “Dear Youth” came out in 2014, which has conquered the minds and hearts of hardcore kids with songs like “Avalanche” and “Dear Youth (Day52)”.

Unfortunately, a stroke of fate interrupted their climb: due to a serious accident in November 2015, the guitars fell silent for a long time and fans feverishly followed the recovery of the band members via social media. The fan community never gave up hope of seeing the band on the big stages of the world again one day.

Finally, in July 2019 The Ghost Inside celebrated their first comeback show in LA in front of thousands of fans. Like a phoenix from the ashes, the group returned to the stage fitter than ever. Nevertheless, more disillusionment: no further dates were announced. Until today! Full Force is bringing The Ghost Inside back to Germany. After more than five years, they have confirmed their first European comeback show and will celebrate their Central Europe exclusive show in 2022 together with you at Full Force 2022! So get ready, because this line-up will take everything you’ve got! Incidentally, a new material is also in the making.