The Ocean

Post-Metal/ Progressive – The Ocean are a mystery, difficult to comprehend; they are a consistently implemented dream with a cliffhanger. The band’s guitarist and songwriter, Robin Staps, started dreaming in 2000. With “Oceanland”, he not only founded a band collective but a subterranean complex including rehearsal rooms, bedrooms and recording studios. Since then, band members and music have come far. The list of former musicians reaches beyond the horizon. In the meantime, the band has moved to Switzerland to continue working on their vision with creatives continuously coming and leaving. The band’s new concept album “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic” tackles a geological era which began 541 million years ago. The Ocean think big, and their idea of uncompromising epics makes it so interesting. After their smashing show in 2014, they’re finally part of our Full Force lineup again!


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