While She Sleeps

Metalcore/ Melodic Hardcore – The five-piece band While She Sleeps from Sheffield was founded only two years after Bring Me The Horizon, also from Sheffield. With their mix of fast-paced metal, hardcore vocals and hooks suited for any kind of arena, they are some of the ultimate torchbearers of metalcore. After their crowdfunded album “You Are We” (2017), the band made the UK album top ten, winning the Heavy Music Award in the “Best Album” category on top. Taking away lots of self-esteem from the experience, they already started working on their fourth album “So What?” one year later, and of which two singles have already been released. The actual album will follow this year. In 2017, they had to cancel their Full Force gig due to bad weather conditions. We’re all the more excited to have them with us in 2019!


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