21. March 2019

The final Full Force 2019 Lineup

Hi there, Full Force enthusiasts!

It’s about time: here are the final additions to our glorious lineup. We’ve gained quite a bit of muscle mass on the final stretch. With Crowbar, Drug Church, Perturbator, Smoke Blow, Napalm Death and Gutalax, we welcome the last six heavyweights to the City of Iron.

Doing a slow warmup? Not with Napalm Death. The grindcore legends always go straight to the nitty-gritty, relentless, hard, regardless of the consequences. For 38 years, the band has reliably penetrated our eardrums. Fellow grindcore act Gutalax love to stir up shit – quite literally in fact. “Shit Happens” is the title of their current album – the name says it all. Even though, the boys of Crowbar lyrically tackle different topics, they are quite the same. Punishment, suffering, surviving – topics of torment are at the top of their agenda. Musically, they oscillate between paralysing drones and aggressive riffs. Equipped with synthesizers, Perturbator uses different means but they are just as efficient. James Kent, the former black metal guitarist and head of the dark electro project, pretty much knows which buttons to push to frighten his listeners. It’s going to be wonderfully unpleasant with Smoke Blow. With their mix of noise, stoner, doom, punk and hardcore, the boys from Kiel simply want to let off some steam. You might want to leave your good manners at the camping site for this one. Drug Church have a similar approach. They are very skilled when it comes to surprising an audience: a dirty hardcore punk song might follow an alternative rock song, catapulting us back to the 1990s, turning everyone into moshing cannon fodder.

Drug Church, Napalm Death, Perturbator, Crowbar, Smoke Blow and Gutalax – the final six hammer blows completing this year’s lineup.

Here you can find all confirmed acts for the FULL FORCE 2019 in alphabetical order:

Alcest, Amenra, Amorphis, Animals As Leaders, Annisokay, Any Given Day, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Bad Omens, Batushka, Beartooth, Behemoth, Billybio, Black Peaks, Bleeding ThroughBury Tomorrow, Cane Hill, Cannibal Corpse, Carach Angren, Crowbar, Crystal Lake, Drug Church, Flogging Molly, Gutalax, Harakiri For The Sky, Harm`s Way, Ignite, Infected Rain, Jinjer, Kadavar, Knorkator, Lamb Of GodLandmvrks, Limp Bizkit, Malevolence, Mambo Kurt, Mantar, Massendefekt, Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Orange Goblin, Our Last Night, Perturbator, Parkway Drive, Polaris, Power Trip, Sick Of It All, Smoke Blow, Sondaschule, Terror, TesseracT The Amity Affliction, The Ocean, To The Rats and Wolves, Turnstile, Ultha, While She Sleeps, WhitechapelWolfheartWalking Dead On Broadway, Zeal & Ardor

Day Tickets are available from 69,00€!
Weekend-Tickets are still available at www.full-force.de for the price of 119,95€! If necessary don’t forget to buy your parking ticket, the festival shuttle ticket and/or the shower-/-WC-voucher!