Dear FULL FORCE Family,

while you are still wallowing in mosh pit memories, longing for the Gremminer See or tasting the sweet taste of the legendary strawberry punch on the tip of your tongue, we have already launched the first music pearls for your summer vacation 2024.

In addition to the metalcore forces of nature, ARCHITECTS as the first headliner, we have other top-class artists at the start!

You can look forward to a reunion with the Berlin combo FUTURE PALACE, the Brits from BURY TOMORROW and the New York veteran MADBALL.
But also on acts like CAGE FIGHT, COUNTERPARTS and your big wish: MALEVOLENCE!
These acts and many more we have served you with the first announcements and we promise you, in the coming weeks and months there will be a lot more - so stay tuned!
We are really looking forward to the summer of 2024 and are busy to present you more announcements soon!

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See you very soon on FULL FORCE Island 🏖,

P.S.: You are already homesick for FULL FORCE Island? - Then check out our FULL FORCE 2024 trailer (Premiere on Thursday, September 14, 2023, 5:00 PM) and dive into the best summer vacation of the year!

June 21-23, 2024, Ferropolis – Germany 

The new announcement and all acts confirmed so far in alphabetical order:
Architects, As December Falls, Bleed From Within, Bury Tomorrow, Buster Shuffle, Cage Fight, Casey, Counterparts, Crypta, Dropout Kings, Elwood Stray, Fixation, Future Palace, Holding Absence, Imminence, Judiciary, Madball, Make Them Suffer, Malevolence, Monuments, Shadow Of Intent, Silverstein, The Butcher Sisters, Thrown, Urne