Some of you may have already noticed it at the FULL FORCE 2023 in Fairopolis, but we are happy to announce it here again:
The FULL FORCE has its own wine since this year!!!!!

Our friends from Metal Wines not only have a fine palate, but also a particularly good nose when it comes to cool products!

And so we were surprised at the FULL FORCE with two exclusive FULL FORCE wines, which not only made our mouths water.

If you were not able to enjoy the FULL FORCE wine at the event or if you have been craving for it since the FULL FORCE, we now have a remedy, because in the Metal Wines store you can now get both types of FULL FORCE wine for your home!

FULL FORCE WHITE - 2022 Grauburgunder trocken

What a cool stuff that invites you to chill out, at the edge of the quarry pond, when the ears are still roaring from the night before! Just the right partner, which does not talks too much, but allows relaxed silence and indulgence!
So you can start into the FULL FORCE or catch your breath between Mad Max, Medusa & Co.

FULL FORCE RED - 2021 Spätburgunder trocken

The Main Stage is calling! And as a little motivator comes this firecracker, which brings us to our feet and beguiles our tongues with its velvety-dark charm. What a start into a horny night - full speed ahead and we are right in the middle of it!

Have fun toasting and enjoying!




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