The following sanitary facilities are available on the campsites:

  • Sanitary station Camp YELLOW (showers, toilets)
  • Sanitary station Camp BLUE / Camp PURPLE (showers, toilets, drinking water)
  • PREMIUM sanitary station (showers, toilets, drinking water)
  • Sanitary station FULL FORCE Valley (showers, toilets)
  • For the barrier-free camp there is also a shower container including showers, toilets and a tap

The following mobile sanitary stations are available on the festival site:

  • Panama: Drinking water & toilets
  • BACKYARD Stage Drinkware & toilets
  • MEDUSA Stage: Toilets

In addition, the fixed sanitary facilities on the Ferropolis site are available.

The exact positions can be viewed on our site maps on the website or in our FULL FORCE app.


Following sampling, Pseudomonas aeruginosa was detected in the laboratory in the showers and at the washbasin of the Camp Yellow sanitary station. Pseudomonas pose a threat to human health, especially in people with special risk factors or chronic illnesses. These include, among others, people with open wounds and contact lens wearers if the contact lenses are rinsed with water and thereby colonized. Even without risk factors, pseudomonads can cause infections, for example in the external ear canal (otitis externa) or on the hair roots (folliculitis). This particularly affects the users of the station on the festival days Friday and Saturday. If symptoms of illness occur, the attending physician should be informed about the festival visit and possible contact with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is the only way to ensure appropriate clarification of the cause and adequate treatment. If the pathogen is detected, you should report it to the health department.